there's a curmudgeon in the camellias

(this project has been shelved)

written by Earl Hamner (The Waltons, Twilight Zone).


a book of 30 poems, color cover, b&w illustrations inside.


a dark comedic look at the struggles of a curmudgeon gardener.

here we find the life of a ill tempered curmudgeon obsessed with his garden, and what he goes through in trying to keep it alive; it's constantly plagued with pests, disease and limitless obstacles. his wife finds it all predictably entertaining, she'll cook and clean to keep up her household, but not for long. the curmudgeon thinks of nostalgic days gone by, but dwells on growing old, and like his garden, he knows he'll someday become fertilizer for it.


sally sue's trip to cloudland
(this project has been been put on hold)

written by Bud Robertson 


a children's book


here we find a bratty girl in a quest to protect the silver lining of a magical cloud-world, and the lessons of friendship she learns along the way.