Resumé: Digital/Illustration/design    

Stewart Stanyard


A creative and challenging artist position which utilizes my imagination, talents and enthusiasm, to collaborate with a progressive team in an inventive game, web-design, film or multimedia company.



Dedicated, motivated artist with thoughtful communication skills, 13 years experience in the Illustration and Fine Art industries, 6 years experience in web design/mastering and digital artwork, 3 years experience in storyboard for film and game, and 3 years experience PC game development. Capacity to take on challenges with excitement and intelligence while maintaining focus toward the finish and success of a project. Management experience with the ability to coordinate people and projects in diverse situations. Results determined worker who enjoys collaborating in a team-oriented environment. Successfully blends a solid work ethic with integrity, professional growth, and an uplifting sense of humor.

Professional Experience 
Freelance Writer 2005 - Present
  • Fortean Times Magazine - wrote a 6 page article on the history and making of The Twilight Zone entitled, "Filming the Fifth Dimension" - published in the December 2009 issue,
  • Writer/Author of the book Dimensions Behind the Twilight Zone; A Backstage Tribute to Television's Groundbreaking Series (published by ECW Press, April 2007): wrote five analytical and information essay chapters, conducted interviews with 39 alumni, including producers, writers, directors, and actors, transcribed and edited interview materials, assigned placement for over 350 behind-the-scenes photos, re-touched all photos, wrote captions and alumni credits, contacted twelve Hollywood personalities to write Appreciation Essays, created a mock-up design (InDesign).
Web Designer 1999 - Present
  • Designed, developed and maintain The Twilight Zone Archives web-site (TZA); including all 3D/2D artwork, user interface, GIF animations, Java roll-over Buttons, photo retouching, html scripting, writing and research.  
  • Designed and developed Shadowland Films website: including frame interface, photo retouching, html scripting.
  • Re-designed previous version of Rapid Express website; top main page, all links, created new logo.
  • Co-Designed and developed first version of Skye Boat Games website (no longer online): including frame interface, 2D/3D artwork, GIF animations, logos and html scripting.
  • Designed and developed Positive Paul's Home Of Positivity web-site (no longer online); including frame interface, photo retouching, html scripting and order forms.
Fine Art Shows 2001
Hasbro Interactive / Microprose, Alameda, Ca. 1997 - 2000
PC Game Development
Digital Artist Art Project Summary
  Masters of Magic II Pre-Production Concepts 1999
  Star Trek: Birth of the Federation, Shipped 1999
  Falcon 4: F16 Flight Simulator, Shipped 1998
  • Applied my artistic abilities and imagination to create objects and characters for three PC strategy and flight simulation games, including all stages of development: conceptual design, 3D modeling, 2D-texture creation, mapping, palletizing and optimization of textures.
  • Modeled, textured and mapped a large number of normal-state civilian, common and industrial buildings, and military tanks for Falcon4. Created all damaged/destroyed buildings in the game, including all texturing, mapping, LOD's.
  • Commended for generating and implementing a comprehensive optimization procedure for palletizing all building and ground object textures in Falcon 4.
  • Researched Star Trek ships and created weapon and damage slots for all ships in game. Modeled and textured all Space Creatures and processed and optimized all ships for Star Trek Birth of the Federation.
  • Conceptually designed all Wandering Monsters, Beastmen characters and structures for Masters of Magic II; sequel to the classic game.
  • Effectively communicated with designers, engineers and artists in a team-oriented environment to meet milestones and maintain a consistency of work.
  • Adapted to several changes in project teams, was able to learn new procedures for in-house engine updates, adjusted to schedule fluctuations with positive attitude for smooth transitions.
  • Trained new artists on the Falcon4 team with the Multigen Creator modeling tool.

Freelance Illustrator, Designer 1987 - Present

  • Collaborated with a number of art directors, publishers and editors to produce imaginative book covers, magazine and newspaper illustrations, graphic novels, trading cards, conceptual designs and storyboards for film, game and multimedia software.
  • Won a 1994 Print Annual Design Excellence award for a Mix Magazine illustration entitled Office Automation, and was featured in the 1994 Print Annual Illustration issue.
  • Handpicked by Clive Barker and the publisher of Eclipse Enterprises to illustrate a 56 page, full-color graphic novel version of his short story The Life of Death.
  • Illustrated a box set of trading cards based on the highly political Savings and Loan Scandal. The set of cards was highly publicized on CNN, in many magazines and newspapers including Time, Playboy and the Wall Street Journal.
  • Assistant to painter for film The Crow: City of Angels, prepped paintings that were used as storytelling images in the film.
Meredith Newspapers, Cupertino CA. 1985 - 1987
Art Director / Illustrator
  • Effectively designed all retail-advertising layouts for 12 community newspapers, collaborating with several sales people and a sales manager to progressively produce unique ads.
  • Concurred with 4 editors to illustrate editorial columns and covers for these 12 newspapers; something this publisher had not implemented before.
  • Maintained the Art, Layout and Photostat departments and all of their functions.
Software Knowledge
Modeling Programs . Paint Programs . Web Design Programs . Utility Programs Design Programs  
3D Studio Max   Photoshop   Dreamweaver   DeBabelizer In Design
Multigen Creator   Fractal Painter   Frontpage 2000   GIF Construction Set Publisher
Maya (training)   Illustrator   Flash (training)   OS - Windows NT, XP  
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, majoring in Illustration, Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA.
  • Completed a Kinetix class in 3D Studio Max 3.0: concentrated on modeling techniques and new features.
Volunteer Work
  • Member of the Board of Directors for Rod Serling Memorial Foundation (2000-2008), Brochure Designer, Stamp Committee Chairman; create online support/petition for the United States Postal Service to issue a Rod Serling postage stamp.
  • A coordinater/exhibitor of the first Stars of the Zone Convention (Twilight Zone themed Hollywood Collector's Autograph Show), August 2002., North Hollywood, CA.; 1st unofficial autograph show honoring Rod Serling's television series 'Twilight Zone'.  Install TZA Exhibit, including contact-sheet photo and memorabilia displays, connected actors, writers and directors to our producers and promoter, furnish photos for alumni, created signs, flyers, online ads and hosting, co-hosted alumni dinner event, etc.
  • Contributed to A&E Biography, AMC American Movie Classics, SCIFI Channel; Twilight Zone Sciography, Night Gallery; An After Hours Tour, As Timeless as Infinity Rod Serling scripts book series.